Our team

Who we are

We are group of young people, passionate about the fruit industry, committed to serve you, at all levels from the harvest until it arrives at the consumers table!

Fernando Jordán

General Manager

Professional with more than 11 years of experience in the fruit industry, being part of important companies including Vanguard International and Delipack S.A. Fernando will serve as General Manager of the exporter, providing all the knowledge acquired about markets, trends and BackOffice.

Mario Rubio

Operations and Logistics Chief

Professional with more than 13 years of experience in different areas of the field both fruit growing as operations, where he has served in different positions in important companies in the sector such as Santa Elena and Exser.

Sebastian Pozo

Commercial and Operations Assistant

The youngest of our team. He has a Business degree, and joins Chucao Export as Commercial and Operations Assistant, being key to the development and management of the processes involved in this area.